Marc Collins

It’s Our 10th Birthday!

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Odyssey Creative LLC was recognized as a corporation in the State of Florida on May 9th, 2001. And by our math (granted, we were not math majors) that makes us 10 years old today.

We’ll be celebrating all year with classic project flashbacks, video scavenger hunts, high-stakes contests on our Facebook page and of course our 10th Birthday Party, which we’ll host later this summer in our brand-new expanded office space…construction in progress!

Want to get us a Birthday present? ‘LIKE‘ our Facebook page any day this week and unlock a special, super-secret photograph from Odyssey Creative; year one!

Thank you to all of you who have made this possible: clients, contractors, staff alumni, vendors, partners, family and friends. Because of you, we’ve had 10 great years and now we can look forward to 10 more.