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The Very, Very, Very Best Kind of Weekend

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The Very, Very, Very Best Kind of Weekend

There are at least two major categories of blog entries:

1) the ones that share valuable information about specific topics that people can use to further their professional understanding of a topic, and

2) the ones where someone applies their unique perspective on life to offer a thoughtfully considered treatise on an element of personal philosophy in hopes of bettering mankind.

This entry is neither.

But here's a picture of a puppy to take your mind off of it.

But here’s a picture of a puppy to help take your mind off that fact

Initially, I had planned to write a post this week about pre-production creative and logistical planning as a critical step in the video production process, but that was before I realized that we’re about to have one of the BEST WEEKENDS EVAR (sic).

And not because of anything specific that will be happening, just by the general orientation of working days and non-working days. You see, I have a theory on this subject. My theory is that Sat/Sun/Mon three-day weekends are good for two straight weeks of happiness.

My theory is based on four key assumptions:

Assumption #1 – Breaks in routine are desireable if they aren’t inconvenient

Assumption #2 – Positive anticipation creates its own happiness

Assumption #3 – People hate Mondays

Assumption #4 – People love Fridays

I realize that this theory only applies to people who work Monday to Friday, but chances are that if you’re at a computer reading this right now, it’s because you’re at work and enjoying a short break in your routine (see Assumption #1 above).

Just a quick break, though

Just a quick break, though

Now then.

If people expect to go to work for five days and then take a break for two, that becomes their routine. People often look forward to Friday because it’s the last day of work before the two-day break, so Friday has a natural shine to it – almost as if the work week is already over, even though Friday technically represents a full 20% of said work week.

Monday represents the end of the break, with a full five days to power through before the next one (even though the sudden appearance of Friday will make it seem like it was only actually four). Still with me?

So when there’s a three-day break like Memorial Day Weekend (which is now only two days away), one of those work weeks is going to get shortened from five days to four.

And when it’s a Monday that’s cut off the work week as is the case this time, it’s the BEST CASE SCENARIO. Why?

* For the first week leading up to the break, you’re looking forward to a long weekend which will be a welcome break in your routine (see Assumption #1), and this anticipation creates happiness (see Assumption #2).

* You still get your Friday, the day that feels like a holiday anyway (see Assumption #3).

* You don’t have to work on Monday, the day that makes you want to punch yourself or a co-worker in the face (see Assumption #4).

* On the second week, Monday is already behind you and you only have four days until the next break, which will feel like three (back to Assumption #2) and your truncated Monday-less week will be a welcome break in your routine (back to Assumption #1).

I hope that was all clear?

Graph cartoon


Alright people. You’ve got some serious enjoying to do, so get to it. Have a safe, happy, and analysis-free Memorial Day Weekend!




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