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Everybody Knows Jim

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Next Thursday, Jim Hobart will be recognized as this year’s Orlando Advertising Federation’s Silver Medalist. The past recipients are among the most influential voices in advertising throughout this market. Basically, it’s a major award.

"Fra GEE lay...must be Italian."

“Fra GEE lay…must be Italian.”

But setting the award aside for a moment, I’d like to examine the phenomenon we like to call “Everybody Knows Jim.”

There are plenty of champion networkers out there. You see them at events and you know them immediately – fistful of business cards, firm handshake, always using their outside voice? They’re usually personal financial advisors (first year), insurance salesmen (pushy), realtors (not you, Beth, although you are also a very adept networker), or douche-bag club promoters (God love ‘em, because nobody else does).

I own this town.

I own this town.

But Jim is a college professor. He’s a photographer. He’s an ad man. Jim is one of those guys…well, you probably know him so you probably know what I mean. It’s not just that everyone knows him – it’s that everyone likes him.

Who, me?

Who, me?

Over the last week or so, we’ve had a whole host of folks in the studio to put their thoughts about this fellow on tape. It was wonderful to hear so many people from so many different parts of his life all commenting on what they think makes him remarkable.** Everyone has his or her own perspective on the subject, but I’d like to use this forum to share mine.

Jim is the best listener I’ve ever met.

Most people listen politely, Jim listens intently. He’s not just letting you talk until you’re finished so he can start talking again or relate whatever you just said back to him. He asks you questions, and he asks follow-up questions to learn more about what you’re telling him. He’s not feigning interest, he’s interested – especially in what you’re passionate about.

Jim is very engaged in the world around him. Whether it’s photography, or advertising, or politics, or pets, or technology or travel, and he wants to take in as much information as he can, especially when the source is a real person. He doesn’t just know you, he likes you. And – maybe without even knowing why – you like him right back.

Congratulations on this tremendous industry honor, my friend. They couldn’t have given it to a better man.


**If you’d like to hear what all these people had to say, you’re in luck: the video will be showing at the event next Thursday at the Amway Center (not the basketball/hockey part of it, there’s an interior ballroom). You can also see, celebrate, and congratulate Mr. Hobart himself while you’re there. Click here for more info.

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