Marc Collins

Improving economy, anyone?

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Of course, we’re not qualified economic forecasters (or even woefully under-qualified morning news show commentators) but we see some real and concrete signs of improvement in the economy right here on the ground in Orlando, Florida and we want to spread the optimism and confidence.

Business has been steadily picking up for the last few months and we see it as a sign that people are pressing forward…doing what needs to be done. 2009 was all about scaling back expectations, trimming the excess overhead, reducing expenses and yes, for a while it was about a universal spending freeze that threw us all into a near panic.

And no doubt there are still significant obstacles ahead. We’ll all have to stay focused and make sure we stay as responsive as last year forced us all to be. But we believe that 2010 will be all about re-gaining ground that we can hold.

Yes, the Punxsutawney Phils of the business world have poked their heads out of their snowy burrows, and shadows or not they’re climbing out and getting back to work.

We like that, and we’re here to help.