Marc Collins

Never forget the variables!

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We do our research.  We live, work, and play downtown and are typically “in the know” when big events are planned to happen. In preparing for our recent shoot of the exteriors of a downtown law firm, we were excited for the wonderful weather, charm of the Thornton Park neighborhood, and calm Sunday afternoon on which it would take place.  But on this particular Sunday, there was a Lake Eola festival just a few blocks away.  Under normal circumstances, our downtown loving team would have rallied in all of the camaraderie that was taking place; however, honking cars, misdirected traffic, and very interested onlookers kept our heart rates pumping all day.

Fortunately, the day was a success.  Working with a great production team and a wonderful client combined with having a car T-boned to our liking, what more could a producer ask for?

Click here to see still images from the shoot taken on the fly: New Facebook Album – Production stills

Stay tuned for finished production pieces!