Hello Gentlemen, this blog post is for you!

I’m Nicole, by the way – everyone calls me Nikki. I wear a lot of hats at Odyssey Creative (coordinating projects, managing events, writing blog posts…) but I’m also a professional makeup artist. And while that may sound very glamorous and feminine, most of my clients are actually men. CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, news anchors, and even mayors and politicians – everyone wants to look HIS best, or (if possible) even better!

Ever have one of those days: dull razorblade, baby was up all night, feel like you’re coming down with something?

"Oh man...I'm supposed to be in a Clearasil commercial today!"

“Oh man…I’m supposed to be in a Clearasil commercial today!”

Imagine one or all of the above, AND you have to be on camera!

Under the bright lights, every detail of your skin is magnified and on display. Do you know what a hair follicle looks like blown up on a 50 inch television? What about blown up on a projection screen at a major speaking event? NOT a pretty sight.

So men, choose a makeup artist that knows COLOR. I express this to you, because you want to look like YOU and not like you’re wearing makeup. You may feel like looking like “you” would mean au naturel…BUT being on HD video and under bright studio lights isn’t natural. So in turn, you won’t look like your best self. My job is to make you look (even more) well rested, youthful, and healthy. I have an advanced knowledge of skin health, years of artistic practice, and experience in the production field, so I can design a “look” that works best for you, the camera, the lights, and the environment.

Imagine the stress sitting next to a REAL 550lb. tiger!

Imagine the stress sitting next to a REAL 550 pound tiger!

Having me be on hand during a shoot is very important as well. How many of you get a bit nervous when speaking in front of the camera or a crowd? Ever feel how HOT those lights can be? You have enough to worry about, let ME take care of that for you! I will choose the right powder to keep the shine down, I will be on hand when you start to “glow”, and I will even fix those hairs when they get out of place. I will ensure that the look and care of your skin is top priority, and make sure to provide you with the right tools to take the makeup off at shoot’s end.

Lights, camera, and hot Miami sun!

Lights, camera, and hot Miami sun!

When you choose Odyssey Creative for any of your video production needs, allow me to be your makeup artist as well. This will also assist in the editing process, by reducing the need for color correction, or blemish removal. Let’s face it, even our awesome editors can’t fix blotchy or uneven skin tones. And who wants a giant blemish in his national TV commercial?

Now men, if you still have doubts about the need for makeup on your next campaign keep this in mind: trust me, I’ve even put makeup on a tiger!

Makeup is for Beasts AND men too!

Makeup for men AND beasts!


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