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Making the New Odyssey Creative Vlog….

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The Nix win again! 

ny knicks are not a video production team

Not these ones…

creative video production team

These ones!

Over the past couple of weeks, Nicole (Nikki) Dupre’ and I produced, directed, starred-in, and edited yet another video for Odyssey Creative. Only this time, it’s something a little different.

Marc (our boss) gave “The Nix” complete creative freedom to produce the very first company vlog. Unlike past videos I’ve made with Nicole, the purpose of the vlog is to inform viewers about what’s happening here at the company, while still being entertaining and funny.

For us this meant we needed to meticulously follow the steps of production if we wanted to be successful. Did we do that? Errr… sorta.

A point that was hammered home to both of us is that pre-production is certainly the most important step in the video making process. Concrete knowledge of this and plenty of experience is what makes Marc our boss… also, he owns like three light sabers.

Ask Mr. Owl: why does pre-production matter?

Why is pre-production so important?

To answer the first question, pre-production ensures that every following step will run smoothly. Without thorough pre-production, you have no frame of reference—you haven’t planned. It’d be like if you wanted to visit China with your wife, so you guys just went to China. That’d be insane.

So, Nicole and I spent a small chunk of time on pre-production, and hastily dove into the production itself because we were anxious to get the camera rolling and be whacky.

This impatience was detrimental to time management, which forced us to cut a lot of things that we wanted to do. That said, we still had a blast making the thing because me ‘n’ Nikki are awesome. We learned various things along the way like how to green screen and how important a teleprompter is for certain occasions—turns out, super very much a lot.

Ron Burgundy Gif Why Scripts Matter

Post-production played a bigger part in this video than usual. Because we did not have the time to film everything we wanted, it was time to perform some cinema magic at the “edit bay” (my laptop, desk and Combos for snacking).

Nikki and I decided to make what was going to be a two-minute-long video into a 30-45 second trailer for upcoming vlogs. So I got to work and had my friend Luke Swiderski help me make Newsroom-y sounding music and Alex Luchun to do some of the best voiceover work in town—and the cheapest! (two beers).

All in all it was certainly a fun learning experience and I think the end product was a small triumph. For the upcoming episodes of our vlog, Nikki Du and Nicky Pu have now acquired the proper ingredients * to blow all of your minds (*not drugs).

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