Our clients rave about our video production services. Here are just a few:

“Odyssey Creative has been instrumental in helping me grow and brand my law practice since 2008.  I have always been impressed by the scope of preparation, organization, and professionalism associated with our multi-day shoots, but have been most impressed with the quality of the final product.  Having advertised for many years and worked with various production companies before, I can attest to the superior attention, knowledge, and product.

“The customer service that I receive from Odyssey Creative is also superior to that of the hundreds of vendors with whom I work on a yearly basis.  The scope of our work is large with many elements, and I am constantly requesting that they tweak various aspects of our videos, help upload them to different web platforms, work closely with our web team and broadcast channels, etc. They are always prompt and effective in their work.

“Finally, I have also come to greatly appreciate and rely upon Marc Collins and his team for creative advice not only in preparation for TV and internet campaigns, but on all aspects of our firm’s marketing efforts.  Odyssey is much more than a video production team – I consider Odyssey to also be an exceptional creative marketing team.  We have created spots with actors, elements of humor, vehicles on tow platforms, tigers in our offices, and many more very well-received non-traditional attorney commercials, which were all the ideas of the Odyssey team.  Odyssey has certainly helped us grow and distinguish the firm from the slew of other advertising attorneys.

“I strongly recommend Odyssey Creative to help grow and brand your business.”

Piercy J. Stakelum, Esq.
The Trial Professionals, PA

* * *

“From my first call to Odyssey Creative, I knew the experience was going to be a good one.  Marc Collins and his team of assembled professionals did an excellent job of reworking the Voluntary Purchasing Group script, made key visual recommendations to sweeten the visuals and conducted an excellent casting call, despite the time constraints and long distances between the client, agency and Orlando, where we planned to shoot.

“Upon arrival at the first location for the shoot, I was even more impressed with the crew and their knowledge and ability to handle any kind of natural element that was dealt us during the production.

“The Ferti-lome dealers and regular customers felt the commercial was  representative of their product and helpful as a first step into the world of television exposure.”

Kay Page Greaser
Large & Page Communications, Inc.

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* * *

“I would like to extend my personal and heartfelt thanks to you and your organization for your participation in the Parrish Medical Center Grand Opening.

“Putting on an event of this size takes an enormous amount of planning, coordination, manpower and teamwork. The event was a success because of dedicated people like you who gave of your time, energy and enthusiasm. You really helped to make this an event this community will remember for a long time to come.

“Our guests, nearly 10,000 people, were treated to a spectacular day—a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. I can’t say enough to express my sincere thanks to you.”

George Mikitarian
Parrish Medical Center

* * *

“I know it has been said that there are no new ideas and that every great idea comes from somewhere.

“I believe it is more accurate to say that every great idea comes from great people working together towards a defined common goal and always remembering that it takes more than one person to get there. To the team at Odyssey, thank you for the years of partnership, creativity, dedication, and, most of all, friendship. It has been great to be in the trenches together and battle to find the best way to produce work that works.

“Here’s to many more years!”

Michael Hinn

* * *

“The Odyssey Creative team is a great partner for any firm that needs to elevate their image and to project this image to clients.

Internally, we had been talking about creating a new DVD design reel for way too long. But when we got Odyssey involved, they made it happen fast. They piggybacked off of our new brand, added elements that took the look to the next level and created a demo that projects exactly the right image to our broadcast clientele.

Not only were they effective in achieving our goals, but they were also pleasant and easy to deal with.

They truly have become a partner in helping us achieve our goals!”

Kathy Mosher-Boule’
VP of Marketing
FX Group

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* * *

“Thorough, creative, and ALWAYS fun to work with. Odyssey’s projects are unique and effective for their clients as well as creatively satisfying for their vendors. Marc knows how to get the best performance from the talent and technical staff.

“Odyssey Creative is welcome in my studio anytime.”

Laurence Vexler
President/Chief Engineer
LHV Audio Services, Inc. and Raintree Recording Studios

* * *

“Most of my business career I have been exposed to a large assortment of professional consultants. The relationships were mostly predictable and business like. When I started by own business, the terminology of “strategic partner”, kept coming up in my research. I always considered my internal staff as strategic players and external consultants as support.

“Odyssey Creative has changed my perspective on the role a consultant can provide; they are now one of my company’s key personnel. Their commitment, professionalism and willingness to exceed expectations are evident with each and every assignment. Odyssey’s ability to communicate my company’s vision into sight, sound and feel is extraordinary. It was like they had a sixth sense on what message I was trying to deliver to my clients.

“One characteristic that exemplifies Odyssey’s success is one that is often preached but seldom executed: ‘treat each client like they were your only client, and deliver a professional quality product like your entire business counted on it.

“I am proud to have such a caring strategic partner on my team.”

Scott Wells
3D Marketing Live