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Pre-Production…It’s Not Just For Video!

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In addition to video production services we also produce live events. And just as important as being on site for the event itself is the pre-production stage. This stage consists of client meetings, scheduling, and organizing of the speakers, presenters, etc.  We calculate the time formulas to stay on track minute to minute for the event in a detailed show flow spreadsheet. Organizing these details, we plan the stage direction, audio cues, video playback, and even the presenter’s script timing. It doesn’t matter how big or small the event, pre-production is the most time consuming, AND the most important part of setting up a solid foundation.



Being there for our client in these early stages is essential! It helps relieve stress and remove excess work from their plate. (We are the show flows pros, after all.) We build the documents internally, and then work it forward until everything is to the client’s satisfaction. This is also very important, since many of our events are out of town – even across the country. A detailed show flow document ensures that when we all meet on site we know exactly what will happen and when, even if we’ve never been in the space before.

United States Capitol Building

For the past few weeks we’ve been working with a wonderful client, iCERT, planning the NG9-1-1 Capitol Hill Technology Showcase in Washington, DC. We worked together through phone conferences and emails, locking down presenter times, and delivering a minute by minute show flow document. This past Tuesday Marc traveled to Washington DC to produce the event onsite, in one of the buildings at the US House of Representatives (which he said was pretty cool). His role was to ensure the execution of our show flow, maintain order, and help the client, vendors, and presenters with anything they needed to make sure the event was a success.


It was such an informative event on the next generation of emergency communication technology! Industry leaders and top Presenters from FEMA, Homeland Security, and the top Communications Companies all gathered to share new ideas and life saving technologies. 9-1-1 was designed for traditional wireline phones, but the next generation is being developed to accommodate everything from texts and video to social media. What an awesome and rewarding show to have helped produce!

So remember: good pre-production is important no matter what you do…video production or live corporate and association events. If you need a hand, give us a call. We love this kind of work, and we bring a lot of knowledge and passion to the table!

Next stop is New Orleans on August 2nd! We’ll be producing four days of general sessions and award shows. Stay tuned!!



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