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Pre-Production…It’s Not Just For Video!

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In addition to video production services we also produce live events. And just as important as being on site for the event itself is the pre-production stage. This stage consists of client meetings, scheduling, and organizing of the speakers, presenters, etc.  We cal...

What’s Your Story?

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  These days the word 'storytelling' is thrown around an awful lot, especially in the context of creative services for business. Maybe 15 years ago, some group of marketing executives figured out that it would be more palatable to audiences for them to "tell a...

The Great Allnighter

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Last night, Travis and I worked late. I mean...late. We left the office around 2 am as I recall. And Jim left just a couple of hours before we did. It's not that unusual to work into the wee hours, especially as small business folks. And in moderation I think i...