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What do NASA and Google have in common?

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We think video production is pretty cool. Why? Because we just got to visit NASA and Google in the same week to do our thing, that’s why!

Okay, so we may be biased about the ‘cool’ thing. But we are extremely lucky to have had some amazing clients in some pretty sweet locations.

As you may know, we produce live events as well as corporate videos. And every year we do BOTH for the UCF Alumni Association working on their Annual Black & Gold Gala.

In preparation for this event (part of Homecoming week), Odyssey Creative writes, films, and edits a bunch of videos telling the story of each Alumni Award Winner, what they do, and why they are winning their award. To get the footage, our producer (Marc Collins) travels to each person with a small video crew, even if that means visiting opposite coasts of the country!

This year two locations that were super interesting were NASA headquarters in Washington DC. and Google headquarters in San Francisco. Both were extremely awesome, but in very different ways.

First, Marc went to Washington DC to interview a VIP at the NASA Headquarters.


NASA sign for vendors - like video production crews!

“Official Business”. Seems legit.

NASA is traditional, conservative, high security, and the corporate offices even have monogrammed napkins. They required extensive I.D. screening for the crew and constant chaperoning around the facility, and were very specific about what we could film and what was too sensitive.

We felt extremely honored to be in the presence of actual Rocket Scientists and Astronauts! Our film production crew felt even luckier capturing some really great b-roll for this video.

NASA visitors badges for video production crew

How long are these badges valid? Think we can make it to the moon?

Next, Marc headed to the west coast and Google HQ in Mountain View, CA. As we all know, Google is the opposite of traditional – extremely innovative, forward thinking, trend-setting, and very modern. Also, they required extensive I.D. screening for the crew and constant chaperoning around the facility, and were very specific about what we could film and what was too sensitive. Sound familiar?

Luckily, there were still lots of cool things to see and shoot.

Google Visitors Sign for video production team

I wonder how he got there. Do you Google Google… Does Google know it exists? Thats some Matrix stuff there! Mind blown!

live event and corporate video production

As you might guess, the design aesthetic was in play everywhere.

Google Maps building sign for video crew

This is the main sign for the Google Maps building. No numbers, just this.

But the coolest detail on their campus has to be the dinosaur outside their offices!

dinosaur at Google interview video production

The founders bought it to remind Googlers to stay creative and not let the company get out-evolved.

See? NASA and Google – extremely different work environments, but both ridiculously cool.

NASA gift items for awesome video production team

Though it seems NASA has the better gift shop – because we got some pretty cool souvenirs from the Boss.

What a truly great experience to get our video production on in these great locations! It’s very rewarding putting our passions to work in so many different ways. We are excited to show you the outcome, after the event on the UCF Campus on Thursday October 23rd!


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