The Regulars

Marc Collins
President/Producing Director

A diehard movie buff who believes in applying cinematic sensibilities to corporate communications, Marc studied writing, theatre, and film at the University of Florida and UCF, and now works to bring a dramatic and dynamic flair to all of his projects. An Addy Award winning writer, director and producer, he has been working in multimedia and corporate theatre since 1997 and is most at home in the editing suite or behind a camera. His work has been seen on national television as well as in boardrooms, exhibit halls and large corporate meetings across the country, and on tradeshow floors around the world.


Outside of the office, Marc is an active supporter of the theatre and arts communities – as reflected in his 13-year tenure on the Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s Associate Board and ongoing support of United Arts of Central Florida – and can often be found downtown at the Plaza Cinema Café taking in the latest moving pictures on the silver screen.

Emmy Collins
Office Manager/Comptroller

Emmy hails from South Carolina, but has called Central Florida home for most of her life.  She enjoys this second career in support of video production – the first was actually spent teaching algebra, chemistry, and other high school and community college courses. As Office Manager, her duties range from handling the finances and other record-keeping, to managing supplies, to handling deliveries of materials, to answering the phone, to watering the plants. Moving downtown has been a fun bonus, changing out the suburban lifestyle for the urban one.


Away from work, Emmy enjoys the out-of-doors: hiking or kayaking, jogging around her neighborhood, or just reading on her patio, and her favorite form of entertainment is theater. She credits working at Odyssey Creative with the discovery of the whole new world of iPhone apps and social networking, and is proud and happy to be a part of this dynamic, exciting world.

Kimberly Coley
Production Coordinator

A proud born-and-raised Jamaican-New Yorker, Kim is always looking for the next adventure. She caught the entertainment bug in high school, and kept it going while getting her Business degree at Florida State University. After that, Kim relocated to Los Angeles for several years working on top reality productions, including two seasons of America’s Best Dance Crew, as well as PSA’s, Commercials, Talk-shows, Game Shows, and Awards Shows.


During her spare time, she’s usually editing videos, meditating, painting, working on her design skills, or brushing up on her romance languages. Other mild obsessions include soft-serve ice cream cones with sprinkles, cats, ornate rings, and Superman.

The soundtrack to her life would ideally be composed by John Williams, Hanz Zimmer and Ramin Djawadi, and it would be epic.

Nicole Dupré
Multipurpose Human

In addition to her administrative, coordination, and client service work at Odyssey Creative, Nikki is one of Orlando’s top professional Makeup Artists.


Better known to some as the Empress of the Epidermis, she has the privilege to work with companies such as WESH 2 News, the Orlando Sentinel, Bright House Networks, Wedding Guide Magazine, Florida Opera Theatre, University of Central Florida, and Orange Appeal Magazine among others. You may have seen her work as makeup designer for the Orlando Philharmonic’s Theatre productions at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center, or you may see some of her striking and conceptual visual art around town.


You can even catch her cameo in a recent TV spot we produced. You know, the one with a 500lb. white tiger at the end? Well, she did the make-up for everyone on set that day – even the tiger.

Shaun Paikai
Video & Graphics Editor (Internship Alumnus, 2005)

Shaun Paikai is an editor and motion graphics designer and has been working with Odyssey Creative since 2006. After graduating from Full Sail with an Associates Degree in Film and Video, the long-time Orlando resident came to Odyssey Creative as an intern and has been a part of the Odyssey Creative family ever since.


Shaun has also spent a fair amount of time freelancing in the areas of art direction, script editing, photography and directing, and has a passion for all areas of the film and video production process.


Shaun spends his free time listening to music and watching movies obsessively, photoshopping peoples’ heads onto things where those peoples’ heads do not belong, as well as spouting off random obscure movie and TV quotes.

Travis Winkler
Camera Operator/Producer

Travis Winkler’s two greatest passions are magic and movies, and fittingly so as they are inextricably linked; magicians were among the very first filmmakers, and were the first  to bring storytelling through film to mass audiences.


As a professional sleight-of-hand artist/illusionist, actor, and filmmaker/editor, Travis has traveled the globe weaving stories of all kinds, with a pack of cards and a camera in tow, most recently producing, shooting, and cutting a feature-length documentary in China, singlehandedly. Magic and moviemaking have taken him from the jungles of the Amazon to the desert salt-flats of Bolivia, the otherworldly villages of the Himalayas in India to the bustling streets of Bangladesh, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, and more.


Also, he makes a killer omelette. Just sayin’.

Nick Pupo
Camera Operator/Asst. Director (Internship Alumnus, 2014)

Nick shares his love for film with the rest of the Odyssey team. Born and raised in Orlando, he began his education in film at Valencia before seeking an internship that would not only further his understanding of video production, but also mesh well with his personality and interests. Before long, he became part of the big-boy team as a video editor, camera operator, and assistant director. He now works part-time as a freelance production assistant and Star Wars mannequin assembly/fashion designer.


Aside from working in the office and on set, Nick dedicates a significant portion of his brain to stand-up comedy, performing along the southeast at clubs and colleges. He also hosts his own podcast, performs improv comedy, and hopes to one day high-five Joe Pesci.


Joe Tamborello

With a passion for storytelling, Joe has practiced his art in a number of settings over the past twenty years, including the theatre of trial law.  A trained and experienced actor, writer, attorney and documentary producer, Joe has applied his skills and expertise in both the corporate and legal video worlds.  As part of the Odyssey team, Joe provides project management, production and post-production services.  Joe is also enjoying success as a legal video producer with his own company, Just Perspective, which produces settlement documentaries and offers mock jury focus groups.


Joe enjoys the movie quote challenge that working with Odyssey represents. Away from the office, Joe actively supports and on occasion participates in the local theatre scene.  He continues to write plays and screenplays and enjoys being a dad, especially reading in the hammock his wife and girls gave him for Father’s Day.

Jason Fleifel
Video Editor (Internship Alumnus, 2013)

Jason is a big movie buff – which helps him fit in nicely at Odyssey Creative, where the walls are hung with marquee posters and life size Star Wars characters stand in the corners. He’s a graduate of the Film program at Full Sail University and has written, directed, and edited a few films for the school.


He enjoys anything that has to do with production, pre and post, and could listen to film scores all day. In fact, sometimes he does just that.


But it’s not all moving pictures and music – on the weekends you can find him tinkering with cars and trucks, making them louder, faster and more fun to drive.


Our Extended Family

Andy Montejo
Director of Photography/Steadicam Operator

Andy’s career began in 1983 filming news for Orlando’s NBC affiliate station. Three years later he moved to the Orlando Police Department as their first Civilian Manager heading up a new unit to document major crime scenes, film under-cover operations and produce Law Enforcement Training Videos based on real-life police encounters. These videos became a standard that is now used for training across the U S. His experiences at OPD led to feature film consulting and television camera work. In-between projects Andy has served as Director of Photography and Steadicam Operator for numerous national commercials and music videos. Recently he filmed two seasons of “The Pet Psychic” for Animal Planet. One of his proudest achievements is becoming a director on “Dr. G Medical Examiner”, after serving only two seasons as a Director of Photography. He now has over 75 episodes of this award-winning show to his credit.


Andy speaks fluent Spanish and is that rarest of breeds: a native Floridian. He is a certified Steadicam operator. While not shooting, Andy enjoys his rural home with his wife Holly, his daughter Nina, and his son Everett.

Kyle Massey
Camera Operator & Video Editor (Internship Alumnus, 2009)

Kyle was born and raised in Ohio and graduated in 2003 from Bowling Green State University with a degree in sculptural arts. He learned the skills of glass blowing, stone carving, wood-firing clay, and pouring bronze. After college, Kyle worked for GM as an industrial engineer, splitting his time between Detroit and Nashville. After four years of engineering, Kyle decided he would prefer to work in media, specifically video production and he decided to relocate to Orlando and attend Full Sail University to learn the production skills he would need. Kyle came to Odyssey Creative as an intern in August of 2009, and presently works as an editor and camera operator.


When he is not working Kyle can be found spending time with his lovely wife Casey, cheering on his favorite Cleveland sports team, playing with his dog or working on his recently-acquired first home.

Ron Schneider
Creative Director & Script Writer
D.J. Stokes
Production Utility/Video Editor
Brittney Carter
Production Utility/Video Editor
Mike Susol
Motion Graphics Designer

Mike Susol is a freelance designer specializing in print and publication as well as motion graphics and 3-d animation. After graduating from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Communication Graphics, he spent several years in Orlando as an advertising art director before moving north to pursue opportunities with the Production Design Group and Jack Morton Worldwide. Mike lives and works in New York City.

Matthew Carson
Event Producer (Odyssey Creative Staff Alumnus, '06)

Like all the best producers, Matthew Carson has sharp, flexible skills in all things business, from people manners to finance and accounting, but he still knows how to put on a great show. With a strong background in technical theatre that includes an MFA from Florida State University and hundreds of production credits, he has been producing live music, live theatre and corporate events for his entire professional career. Matthew lives in Orlando with his wife and son.

Jonathan Lee
Strategic Marketing Consultant (Odyssey Creative Staff Alumnus, '09)

Jonathan has been a marketer since starting his first rock band in junior high school. His skills progressed as musician, promoter, record label manager, and tour manager – which eventually lead to a career in advertising. His 11 years in the industry include strategic development and deployment of campaigns and materials for clients in real estate development to consumer goods, and everything in between. Jonathan loves bridging the gap between business and creative to deliver results for his clients.

Every once-in-a-while, you can hear his drumming on MTV.

John Speake
Art Director (Odyssey Creative Staff Alumnus, '03)

John Speake specializes in high-concept designs for motion graphics and animations as well as web and print campaigns. After graduating from UCF, John worked for a themed venue design company Entertainment Properties before becoming an Art Director for Knight Images Design and Marketing. John’s award-winning work continues to bring distinction to Odyssey Creative, Knight Images, and their clients. Currently, John lives and works as a freelance designer and art director in New York City.

Holly Steinebronn
Event Producer (Odyssey Creative Staff Alumna, '10)
Asha Morales
Production Intern
Chris Allegri
Camera Operator/Video Editor
Adam Showen
Video Editor
Shawn Straight
Graphic and Interactive Designer
Dustin Geisler
Production Assistant
Dioscamaris Mendes
Editor/Production Assistant

Internship Alumni